We develop Plastic Sheets PSAI PP PE ABS PETG and Rolls depending on our Clients' needs


We manufacture sheets and rolls of polystyrene of the highest quality, combining the benefits of the raw material with the know how experience to offer you the best solution for your projects.

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We are careful in our process of manufacturing, to transfer the natural qualities that polyethylene sheet has in our products. High flexibility and natural barrier against steam are some of the most important features that our Polyethylene has.

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We extrude polypropylene sheet with the best performance for your printing, thermoforming and packaging projects. We offer novelty products made of this material like hair cell finishes and premium 45 degree stripping.

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We offer a corrugated sheet of polypropylene with the highest rigidity and softness to touch, for printing and packaging solutions too NOW and TVK laminations. Subject to the highest standard production, we achieve the optimum balance between structure and weight.

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We manufacture the best Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS plastic sheets) in the market and we make sure it maintains the highest quality referring to mechanical and aesthetic properties.

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PETG Spectar™

The elegant plastic that gives a touch of visual softness, transparency and glow. Used to thermoform and print, exceeding aesthetic expectations. Laminex manages to introduce PETG into domestic and foreign markets, and has become the only extruder in Mexico with the Eastman Spectar™ signature.

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Special Fabrication

Plastics Sheets with different textures like 45 Degrees Stripes, Haircell finish and other Coextrusions.

Request any special need and a consultant will provide the information you need.
In Laminex we manufacture solutions to your needs.